You will recognize the Arabic Letters Pronunciation, Articulation of letters in A fantastic way, you will learn their divisions and their will practice on each letter with different signs fatha, damma, kasra, sukoon, tanween, shadda.

You will study relations between letters. 
The rules of Tafkheem and Tarqeeq, The rules of noon sakinah, The rules of meem sakinah, The rules of laam sakinah, The lengthening, The rules of Elteqaa Essakineen, Hamza-tul- Qat and Hamza-tul-Wasl, Stopping on the ends of the words, the Stop and the Beginning.

Attend the classes at the comfort of your home at the time of your choice. 
Attend the demo sessions today and feel the difference in learning. 
The only requirement is PC or laptop and stable internet connection.  
The mere idea of learning online sounds simple and easy. 
There are no age, time or ability limitations whatsoever. 

If you want to learn Tajweed but don't sure what to do and which institute to join. We have made it simple for you.